Ron Heifetz elaborated the notion of orchestrating conflict at the 2016 Annual Conference:

"Because if you’re orchestrating conflict you’re like a chef working of this big stove with ten or maybe even 100 different pressure cookers all assembled at the same time. 

And you’re going around testing each one. Do I need to turn the flame up? Do I need to turn it down? Do I have the right ingredients in this pot? This pot is missing a tomato, I better get those union people in here. Sooner than later, and so forth. 

That’s why I like that metaphor of orchestrating and partly it’s because I have a musical background and partly it’s because it’s this complex set of instruments that are all playing at the same time to create sometime the harmony out of the disharmony.

— Ron Heifetz, Adaptive Leadership Conference 2016, Closing session


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